Canine Country Retreat

Boutique Kennel Service

At the Canine Country Retreat, in Dunshaughlin Co. Meath, your dog will enjoy a personalised and stress-free stay within our premium dog boarding facility.



Located within a countryside setting in Dunshaughlin, the boarding kennels have been limited to four large kennels to provide a home away from home service. The limited kennel number allows for the highest level of personal care of, and attention to, your dog.



Central to the ethos at the Canine Country Retreat is that your dog is allowed to enjoy extensive exercise and free running each day as it is proven to promote the physical & mental health of a dog. This element of the service is provided through the use of a 14 acre ring fenced paddock that allows for structured walks & ample free running.



High-energy dogs/working breeds will benefit particularly well from their stay at the Canine Country Retreat. A purpose-built dog treadmill allows for a consistent exercise routine through the harsh winter months. As a result of the extensive exercise and fun provided each day, guests of the Retreat are always relaxed and content when bedding down for the night.



To provide peace of mind when you are away and missing your pet, each kennel has a Full HD live video feed to allow you to check on your prized asset whenever you wish. Night vision allows for 24 hour viewing. There is no additional cost to avail of this element of the service.


  • Giovane Souza

    Without doubt the best pet hotel I have ever hosted my pets on.

    They were well treated with their own food, toys and bed

    Jonathan is a great guy and took care of them flawlessly, when I got them they were healthier than then I left them as Jonathan took them to lots of walking sessions to be sure they would enjoy their time in the kennel resting for the next walking session.

    The kennel is well equipped with piped water, so no chance of them get thrist, an elevated bed to avoid having them sleeping in piss or water and the best part a webcam available 24/7 in their kennel so we could check them anytime we wanted.

    Thru the webcam I could see how kindly Jonathan treated them and they came back with better behaviour, having more tolerance to stay alone and more attentifull to commands.

  • Aidan O Shea

    We placed our two eight-year old pugs with Jonathan for a week in May.
    We were delighted with the service and both dogs were extremely well cared for throughout. The facilities are immaculate and Jonathan's warmth and love for animals shines through when you meet him. Fantastic peace of mind to know your dogs are happy and cared. Couldn't recommend highly enough.

  • Grainne Foster

    Absolutely fabulous kennels. I was nervous about leaving my two dogs - one being a rescue and Jonathan was very calm and reassuring at drop-off. I could look at them any time via the CCTV camera, and they came back happy, healthy and well cared for. I would highly recommend the Canine Country Retreat.

  • Laura Mulchrone

    Amazing experience with Canine Country Retreats. Always accommodating and Ollie loves his stay! He started going from as little as four months old. Having video access puts you at ease to check in and see your dog.

  • Simon Baily

    We left our 7 month old puppy with Jonathan & he took great care of her. She got plenty of exercise & stimulation and the kennels are spotless.
    We picked up a very happy dog on our return. Jonathan provides an excellent service that I’d recommend & we’d certainly use again.

  • Selina Bonnie

    Would strongly recommend Canine Country Retreat. Our collie is always happy and healthy when he comes home from his stay with Jonathan.

  • Cian Desmond

    Highly recommended Johnathan and Canine Country Retreat. The facilities are really clean and there is a great outdoor area. Johnathan took the time to show me around and settle the dogs in while asking questions on the dogs eating, play routine etc. The CCTV allowed us check in at any time which gave great piece of mind (and we could also see they were brought outside regularly for good periods of time). Having had bad experience elsewhere I highly recommend Johnathan who really did care for our two dogs, who on collection were in great form with no issues. Cian

  • Emma Witter

    My little doggie stayed with Jonathan for 4 nights recently, and I would recommend him and his facilities to friends and family as my dog was well looked after with lots of land around his home for walks, runs and sniffs off the lead. We visited his facilities before we dropped him off, and Jonathan ran through the day to day runnings of Canine Country Retreat. He allowed us to bring any comforts like toys, sweater, bed, etc. for our dog to make him settle in comfortably. Thanks for a great stay! Will book again :)

  • Francine

    This is the best place where my dogs have already stayed. My dogs Otto and Zion stayed with Jonathan at Canine Country Retreat for one week and they were very well cared for during the stay.
    The Canine is really clean and organized. The cam works very well, and I could see my dogs calm all the time and having a good night of sleep because Jonathan takes them out to exercise in a large area every day. I'm happy to find a place where I feel confident to leave my dogs while I travel.

  • Suzana Melo

    We left our Westie with Jonathan for 5 days. The kennels are spotless clean and Jonathan took good care of our dog. It was fantastic being able to check on her with the CCTV. It was her second time staying on a kennel, but by far this was the best experience. Thank you for everything Jonathan!

  • Elaine Mullally

    The kennels were spotlessly clean and it was it very reassuring to be able to log in and see my dog at anytime. This was the first time my dog was in kennels and he absolutely loved it and Jonathan. Could not recommend Canine Country Retreat highly enough, we'll definitely be back. Would give this more than a five star review if possible.

  • Katya Macnaughton

    Our dog Polly recently stayed with Jonathan at Canine Country Retreat. From the minute we arrived I was so impressed. Jonathan couldn’t have been more helpful and reassuring, the kennels and grounds are spotless. Polly is an old dog and Jonathan looked after her so well. She was in fantastic form when we picked her up. I would have no hesitation recommending Jonathan and the wonderful service he provides. I would definitely send Polly back to Canine Country Retreat. A massive thank you to Jonathan for looking taking such good care of her.

  • Katya Macnaughton

    Our dog Polly recently stayed with Jonathan at Canine Country Retreat. From the minute we arrived I was so impressed. Jonathan couldn’t have been more helpful and reassuring, the kennels and grounds are spotless. Polly is an old dog and Jonathan looked after her so well. She was in fantastic form when we picked her up. I would have no hesitation recommending Jonathan and the wonderful service he provides. I would definitely send Polly back to Canine Country Retreat. A massive thank you to Jonathan for looking taking such good care of her.

  • Karen Hernandez

    Our beagle Chester stayed with Jonathan in Canine Country Retreat for two weeks in April 2022. Canine Country Retreat is by far the best boarding kennels we've used. It's clear that Jonathan really loves dogs and he takes extremely good care of them during their stay. We were very impressed by the cleanliness of the kennels and also the time that Jonathan took to learn about Chester's behaviour and preferences prior to his stay. Jonathan takes the dogs out individually each day to run in the paddock which was fantastic as Chester is an energetic dog. I have already recommended Canine Country Retreat to family and friends.

  • Emma Leahy

    We left our 4 year old Labrador with Jonathan for nearly two weeks. This was our first time being away from her for this long and she can be nervous with new surroundings and people. From our first visit to the kennel and when dropping her off we were so reassured and knew this was a perfect fit! She was very well cared for during her stay. Also having the cctv camera to check on her was fantastic !

  • Padraig Thornton

    Jonathan couldn’t have been more helpful! He was extremely nice and looked after Bruce and Freddie and we were able to access the cameras hassle free and at all times.
    He was very responsive and kept me up to date on the dogs.
    I fully recommend Canine Country Retreat and would definitely send my two doggies back again.

  • Liz Molloy

    I left our pet at the Canine Country Retreat for a couple of days recently. It was our first time to go anywhere without him, so it was very reassuring to be able to check in on him with the 24hr cameras while he was there. The kennels are very well kept and the exercise and play areas are very large and well enclosed. Jonathan was very reassuring that our pet would be well exercised and safe during his stay. We would definitely book the Canine Country Retreat again when we next go away.

  • Caroline Nolan

    I would highly recommend the Canine Country Retreat if you are looking for a safe and secure place to leave your dogs. This was my first time leaving my boys with someone that wasn't family and Jonathan was amazing. I had access to a camera, which I checked regularly. I could see how often the dogs got out of the kennel for exercise and when they got fed. I'm going to be using the Canine Country Retreat again.

  • Olivia Logue

    Our 1 year old Lab stayed with Jonathan for a long weekend and he had the best time. I was very greatful for have a link to log into the Cctv to check on how he was doing. He seemed very calm and had some great run time twice a day and had great fun. The setup is very warm, comfortable and clean and I wouldn't hesitate to leave my dog with Jonathan again. Great value for money too.

  • Damien Clarke

    Johnathan's knowledge of dogs added to his really lovely set up made our dog Rex's stay perfect, he was content anytime we checked in and arrived home in great shape. Thanks for looking after dog so well.

  • Deirdre Cummins

    Couldn't recommend Jonathan & Canine Country Retreat more! Our experience leaving our new puppy of just 4 months here while we went on our honeymoon was incredible to say the least. Jonathan was so reassuring and we knew Peggy was in great hands. To be able to see Peggy on camera was so nice and seeing how happy she was there made our trip away more enjoyable and eliminated any guilt we had for going away! Peggy got such great exercise while she was in Jonathan's care and got to avail of his impressive grounds to run around in. When we returned to pick Peggy up she was quite happy to stay with Jonathan which says it all! Jonathan gives care and attention to your dog that I can't imagine any other kennel providing. I would recommend in a heartbeat and we look forward to returning and I know Peggy does too!

  • Leonie Toal

    This was the 1st time we left our dog, The Canine Country Retreat is a fabulous facility mainly because of its owner Jonathan.. Frankie absolutely loved his stay there and was completely chilled and very well exercised.

    We couldn't recommend The Canine Country Retreat more, beautiful setting and great kennels....

    Thanks Jonathan

    Leonie and Frankie (Dublin 15)

  • Rashmi Walesa Fernando

    It's quite rare to come across a person like Jonathan who is super dedicated to his profession!!
    We recently had the delightful experience of using Canine country retreat service for Ivan, our one year old Golden retriever.
    It was Ivan's first time staying away from home for a long duration(around 3weeks).We were very nervous in leaving him but we found him extremely happy on return. Jonathan diligently carries out all the activities as promised(dedicated exercise sessions for each dog, timely meal and carefully setting up the bed etc) and ensures each dog gets personal attention every day - this is possible as the facility is limited to only four large kennels unlike other concrete kennels!
    The full time operational CCTV is the highlight of canine country retreat- there is complete transparency on how your dog is taken care and we got to watch Ivan day and night,which put our mind at ease staying miles away.
    Canine country retreat is not a kennel but definitely a second home for the dogs!!
    I would highly recommend Jonathan/Canine country retreat and will never use any other Kennels for Ivan !!

  • SS

    Canine Country Retreat is an outstanding boarding kennel service. I've had dogs for over 20 years and I have never came across kennels that are so clean, secure and an owner that gives such love and care. I was nervous leaving my dog, Brandy, a 2 year old spirited Cocker Spaniel, into a boarding kennel because he had never been in the care of anyone else as a result of COVID restrictions and had an episode of snapping but Jonathan gave such reassurance that he had a lot of experience with difficult dogs and it wouldn't be an issue. When I left Brandy in I was blown away by how clean the kennels were, the security and how Jonathan was so meticulous taking notes on Brandy's diet. What's more Brandy's kennel came fitted with camera which allowed me to log in and see how he was getting on at any time of the day including the night. I knew I had found the most incredible place when I happened to log in at 11pm at night only to see Jonathan give Brandy a pet before he went to bed. Brandy has gone in on 4 occasions now and every time I drop him off he is so excited to see... read more

  • Neil Aulton

    Jonathan looked after our dog with great care, he's got a great set-up at the kennel. Our dog returned home really calm and relaxed, you could tell he had been cared for. Thank you.

  • Kitty McDonagh

    15/10! We heard about Jonathan through my brother in-law and I have to say, it was such a lovely experience from start to finish!First time - I was very nervous as she had never been away for a full week but Jonathan put me at total ease. Gave me access to her camera for her room ( stalked it quite heavily at first :) !! ) and walked me through what she would be doing with him exercise wise which was fab!Pepper had the best time and was looked after so well- I literally sent her back two weeks later and didn’t look at the camera once!! She literally jumped right out of the car and straight over to him (tail wagging, excited for her country retreat) i also mentioned she was off with her groomer and he gave me feedback on this and made sure to keep an eye on her during her stay.I won’t be leaving her anywhere else in the future!

  • Marian Hetherton

    In a word, EXCEPTIONAL! But to add, Jonathan went over and above to care for our dog, Rocky, and make us feel confident that he was safe, happy and in good hands. There was constant attention, exercise and TLC in a pristine environment. We could enjoy our holiday while Rocky could enjoy his! Highly recommend this gem!

  • Viorel Co

    Great service. Being able to view your pet in real time is great.

  • Niamh Mulligan

    Jonathan offers a fantastic service for those who want a home away from home for their dogs. We have used this service twice now and can’t recommend it highly enough. One of our dogs can be a little nervous around strangers but Jonathan knew exactly how to handle her, putting both us and her at ease. Great piece of mind also with access to CCTV cameras including night vision. Thank you Jonathan for your great care of our two dogs.

  • rob delaney

    Another wonderful holiday for our dogs at Jonathan’s. The dogs are nearly depressed to be home. Incredibly happy to have this top notch facility just down the road from us.

  • Michelle Horgan

    Can't recommend Canine Country Retreat enough. Jonathan was so accommodating and fantastic with our little one. Great advice and Fluffy had an amazing time, like he was on his holidays. Will definitely be using this service again!

  • Virag Detre

    Our two doggies always have the best time with Jonathan. It’s never easy to leave them but seeing the videos and pictures of them enjoying themselves makes it so much easier. The facilities are 5 * and Jonathan is super professional, very knowledgeable and takes the best care of the doggies. Superb service from start to finish. Thank you so much again for everything, we look forward to using your service again.

  • Roisin Mc Nelis

    We have used Canine Country Retreat on numerous occasions now and we couldn’t recommend Jonathan enough.We had a very difficult experience in another kennel so we were very wary of trusting someone else with our two dogs.Jonathan has restored that trust and given us the reassurance that our dogs are safe and extremely well cared for when we are away and that someone who has their very best interests at heart is looking after them.Jonathan really gets to know the dogs and is so invested in their happiness and well being while they are at his kennels. It is so reassuring to be able to check in and see them on CCTV and know just by looking at them that they are extremely well exercised and totally content in Jonathan’s care. I am totally confident and reassured that my dogs are getting the same level of care and attention that we ourselves give them when they are at home. This is not like any other kennel that I have visited in my search for excellent care for our dogs, it is a league totally on its own; the care and attention given to the dogs is exceptional. Thanks Jonathan.

  • Helen Caulfield

    I have had the best experience with Canine country retreat on the occasions I have left my dog with Jonathan.From start to finish every experience is highly professional with absolute genuine care given to my dog. The service provided is exceptional and the facilities are 5 star.I know my dog is in the best of hands with Jonathan who is very understanding and caring when I leave my dog with him, I have 100pc trust that my dog is very well cared for.I would not leave him anywhere else but Canine Country Retreat.

  • Vikki Bates

    Excellenct kennels, we found Jonathan to be very knowledgeable and reassuring when leaving our dog here for one nights stay. Jonathan asked lots of questions about her usual routine so she wouldn't be too put out by being in a different environment. She got lots of exercise, very clean, warm and secure and we loved having the option to log in and check on her through the CCTV. Would highly recommend Canine Country Retreat and we will definitely be back again.

  • Ryan Gawley

    Highly recommended. We left our two dogs with Jonathan at the excellent Canine Country Retreat for the first time recently and we will certainly be very happy return customers. Jonathan is very friendly and knowledgeable and took a very real interest in the needs and habits of our dogs to ensure he could provide the best of care while he looked after them. There are just a few kennels which are of an excellent standard and kept very well indeed, the grounds are very spacious and secure with plenty of room for long supervised walks and play time which the dogs get separately from the other guest dogs. We could even check in on them at any time via the webcam link for their own kennel. When we picked the dogs up again after an overnight stay they were both very calm and relaxed and obviously enjoyed their holiday!

  • Leanne Gleeson

    If i could give more stars i would this was a amazing kennells the dog it was treated like royalty and didnt want to come home after the 10 days she was having too much fun when i got there she was running around playing which she hasnt done in a while because shes old. Really an amazing man who genuinely loves dogs. Highly reccomend to any of my friends and family. Thank you for such a great experience

  • Geraldine Whelan

    Jonathan thanks so much for the time and care given to Izzy and Belle. It was lovely to see you settling them on CCTV when we logged in to see them. We will definitely be back and if there was a ten star rating I would be giving it. Can highly recommend you to anyone looking to board their dogs

  • Barbara Rajska

    I can only recommend Jonathan and Canine Country Retreat! Luna was a guest there this Christmas and she thouroughly enjoyed her stay! Considering she does not mix with other dogs I felt confident and relaxed leaving her with Jonathan, as his professional manner and prestine kennels assured she was in great hands. And I got to come back home to happy, relaxed and tired dog and am pretty sure she can't wait for her next holiday at CCR:)

  • Paul Bates

    I recently put my little Chihuahua Louis in here for a night while at a work Christmas party. The service from Jonathan was amazing and the kennels are spotless. It's great that you can log onto the CCTV and see that they are doing fine. Would definitely recommend Canine Country Retreat to anyone!

  • William Holmes

    We found this retreat to be fantastic. Charlie had lots of space and long walks. The CCTV to view Charlie at any time of the day was great and reassuring. The staff were genuinely warm and pleasant. I’d have no hesitation on recommending the Canine Country Retreat.

  • Paul Gibney

    We left our two dogs with Jonathan for a week and they had a wonderful time. Both dogs have loads of energy and he walked them loads and he taught them frisbee. When we arrived to collect them, the dogs were running back and forth to Johnathan and ourselves, showing they cared for him after the week together. The camera's are great for piece of mind. You can see they are eating their food and having some water. This was very helpful as my partner is a worrier about the dogs. Jonathan is very helpful and brilliant with the dogs. Thanks again and we look forward to using your service again.

  • Eamonn Mcgovern

    Lexi really enjoyed his stay at the Canine Country Retreat and Jonathan really gives the dogs great attention and care.

  • Sinead Young

    Left my two 5 month old Red Setters with Jonathon for two nights recently. Their first time in a kennel and my first time leaving them. I can’t say enough about Canine Retreat. The set up was amazing. So safe and secure. The kennels were spotless and CCTV let me see them when we wanted. When I collected them they ran to me but then they ran back to Jonathon! Says it all!!! I would highly recommend this 5 star facility. Thanks Jonathon

  • Shauna Hennessy

    I was extremely anxious and worried putting my dog, cloud into a kennel for two nights as she is a rescue from dogs trust she is treasured. As soon as we got there Jonathon reassured us that she was going to be fine and safe, even reassuring us when we both cried leaving her it was just amazing how he handled it. Watching her on the cctv us the peace of mind we needed and also the texts to say she was ok was great as well. When we came to collect cloud, although she was happy to see she was also upset to leave and continued to cry looking out the window wanting to go back. I’d recommend Jonathon to anyone who’s nervous about leaving their baby, because he did the best job and I would 100% go back! It’s a home away from home

  • Antoinette Keegan

    Canine Country Retreat is smaller than other boarding kennels in the area, this ensures that Jonathan gives individual care to each of his guests. I can’t emphasis enough the care he provided to my 2 dogs when they stayed for a week in Sep 2019. I have a 9yr old and 3yr old dogs, both very set in their ways and had never stayed in kennels before. Jonathan reassured me when I initially visited to have a look, I found the dogs boarding at that time to be calm and happy in his care. Canine Country Retreat is extremely clean and doesn’t have that stale smell other kennels have from inadequate cleaning. The CCTV login was extremely beneficial, allowing us to login anytime day or night to check in that the dogs were doing ok. Which I did, often! And each time the dogs were very settled, no barking – no pacing which gave me comfort that they were not stressed. I will be recommending Jonathan and Canine Country Retreat to all my doggy friends.

  • andy mccarthy

    I would highly recommend Canine Country Retreat. Jonathan was outstanding to deal with and fully reassured us about how our Labrador would be looked after while we were away. Being less than a year old, he can be quite a handful. He had issues in another kennel facility previously, where he didn't like being there. It was the opposite with Jonathan . He seemed depressed to be coming home! We look forward to using Jonathan's facilities again in the future.

  • Cliona Fanning

    We were recommended by Mollie's Vet to visit Canine Country Retreat as a possible kennel for Mollie while we went on holiday. Mollie is just a puppy and we only had her two months before we were going on holiday. Jonathan was so professional and truly loves what he does. The kennels are spotlessly clean, Mollie had plenty of room to run around in the grounds and it was truly a retreat for her. We could check in on Mollie with the CCTV so our kids were delighted as they missed Mollie on holidays. When we came back Jonathan knew our Mollie really well so it meant that we knew he understood her personality and that she loves getting cuddles and attention. We will be booking Mollie in again for her holidays. Thank you Jonathan you are a star and a pleasure to deal with. This is more than just a Kennel it is a home away from home with Jonathan. Mollie returned home better trained than we left her in and also a very happy puppy returned home to us, like she never left. Thank you Jonathan.

  • Grainne Murray

    Jonathan went above and beyond for our two dogs. Being young, high energy pups in addition to being spoilt and never having spent time in kennels he had his work cut out from the beginning. Despite this the dogs were well exercised (threadmill included) and well cared for. The high end service he provides is only complimented by his immaculate facility. You have to see it to believe it!! Thanks Jonathan

  • Amanda Nero

    We left our Taylor with Jonathan for 10 days while we were on holidays. She has never been in a Kennel before and is only 1.5 years old and very attached to me. It was hard leaving her, but when we arrived to pick her up she did not want to leave. Jonathan looked after her just as well as I would've done and I am absolutely thrilled with his service. We will for sure book Taylor in again and I can highly recommend him! So far two of my friends have already booked in with Jonathan... All the best, Taylor, Amanda and Mark.

  • Sadia Mihaly

    I couldn’t wish for a better place.I have left my dog for two nights at Jonathan’s place. I wanted to see how she feels leaving her in a kennel before we are going for a 2 weeks holiday. Everything was just perfect. The kennels are very clean and spacious. By watching her through the cctv gave me a huge comfort as I could see that she was settling well. When we came to collect her, she was just as happy as we left her and bonded very well with Jonathan. Definately recommend Jonathan’s Canine Country Retreat and his services. It is a great comfort knowing whenever we will be away our loved one is in a great hand!! Thanks again and see you soon!

  • Addison Hummel

    Canine Country Retreat gave us ease of mind to enjoy our time away. We had no worries after leaving our dog with Jonathon. When we did wonder how he was doing, we could check in on him CCTV. I can’t recommend Canine Country Retreat enough!

  • sarah mc guckin

    We recently left our 3 dogs with Jonathan for the first time and will definitely be back! We always find it hard to leave them especially when it is somewhere new but Jonathan had invited me to visit before we left them, explained how things worked and showed me around, the outside space is very large and secure and a fantastic space for the dogs to run and when we did leave them he asked a lot of questions and really made sure he got to know the needs of each dog, one of our dogs needs medication twice a day and Jonathan assured us this would be strictly adhered to. He really understands it can be hard to leave them and really took the time to make sure we were happy with everything and therefore most importantly that the dogs would be happy and settled very quickly. The CCTV in fantastic, we could see when they had gone out for their walks and then see them snoozing happily in their beds afterwards, when we collected them Jonathan gave us great tips on feeding etc which can be an issue with 3 and it has really helped! They settled back in with us immediately and... read more

  • Wendy Cassidy

    This was our first time using the wonderful Canine Country Retreat. Jonathan was very welcoming, upfront, honest and very professional regarding his business.The set up of Jonathan's kennels are amazing the grounds are wonderful for any type of dog.The fact that we could login to the CCTV at any stage to have a look at our Ollie was fantastic and it put our minds at ease.We will definitely be using Canine Country Retreat again in the future.Thanks Jonathan for taking care of Ollie so well. I'm sure he is missing your walks.Wendy, Philip & Ollie🐕

  • Garreth Lopez

    Fantastic service, our 2 dogs were so well looked after and it was fantastic to be able to check on them with the online camera. Jonathan is a pleasure to deal with and really cares about the well-being of the dogs in his care. The kennels are so clean and ample open green space for them to run around.

  • Danielle Nolan

    My St.Bernard Bruce had his first stay here earlier this month and my family and myself could not have been happier. The kennels are spotless and really spacious, my dog had loads of room to move about, there is also so much land on the property where the dogs are walked. The CCTV is an added bonus, it was great to check up on my dog throughout the day. Jonathon is amazing and will look after your dog like they’re one of his own. Thanks again Jonathon, we would definitely leave Bruce in your safe hands again and I have recommend you to friends and family.

  • Joanne Rousseau

    So delighted we found this kennel for our 2 dogs! Facilities are excellent with lots of secure space for your dog to exercise. Jonathan, the owner, is really great with the dogs and has a very sensitive approach. Each Kennel has its own cctv camera so while away you can have a peek at your doggies :) 100%Highly recommend Canine Country Retreat!

  • Geraldine Grant

    We left our 2 labs with Jonathan while we went abroad for 5 days, we have never left them in “kennels” before but the set-up Jonathan is so safe, spacious and comfortable, and Jonathan was so good with the dogs we were confident they were in good hands! The cameras are a great reassurance to be able to check on the dogs, they had a great time - loads of walks and plenty of outside play time. We will definitely leave them with Jonathan again - excellent dog minding service, it’s evident he really loves dogs and gives them a real home from home.

  • Marian Mc Hale

    Jonathan was absolutely brilliant with our two dogs. I had warned him that our little dog could be wary of new people and that she might take awhile to settle with him. When I collected them I asked how she was and he was honest and said she took some persuading and had a hard time taking her lead off of her after the first walk but he let her come to him in her own time. It was great to see how happy they were in his care, even though we were there to collect them they didn't immediately run into the car, they were happy to go back to Jonathon for pets while we chatted.The camera system is the best. I could log in whenever I wanted to see the both of them, content in their beds or if they weren't in the hr kennel I knew it was walkies time.Highly recommended, and we have booked again for October

  • Darragh Hickey

    I contacted Jonathan after I was called away on a last minute work trip! From start to finish the experience was brilliant! Alonzo was walked 4.5 miles a day and let out to roam the grounds as he liked multiple times a day! (Alonzo is not one for fetch, although Jonathan did try his best 😅)The live CCTV view of the kennel is such a great idea! When I came to pick Alonzo up Jonathan let him out in the yard to wander about while we spoke. Alonzo went up to him a couple of times to play and give a lick which tells me he really liked his time there and was brilliantly taken care of by Jonathan! Will 100% be back next time I need to go away and have already recommended Canine Country Retreat to all my friends and family! Look no further this is the place to house your furry friend in time of need!!

  • James Byrne

    Left my 2 dogs with Jonathan for a week, the kennels and the grounds are very well kept. the CCTV was great, we were able to check up on the dogs at different times of the day. Jonathan has a great understanding of animals and i would highly recommend Canine Country Retreat,

  • Fiona Molloy

    Our energetic Labrador has just returned from her holiday at Canine Retreat and she absolutely loved her time with Jonathan. Spotlessly clean boarding and huge secured field where she got to run and fetch, it was the perfect location for her. Being able to log into cctv and see Bailey while we were away is a great bonus! We are so happy to have found Jonathan’s country retreat, and his passion and love for dogs is clear from the care and attention he gives the dogs. Top class, thanks Jonathan

  • Austin Gilligan

    Canine Country retreat..... 100%. OMG, we called in to view the facilities before booking and were blown away !! We have a 16yr old springer who’s never been in kennels while we were on hols so we were a little aphrenrsive , however exceeded our expectations, don’t think “Lyla” wanted to come home. A very personal touch from Jonathan, and we could view her on the kennels cctv anytime we wanted.

  • Rebecca Owens

    We left our dog with Jonathan for a family wedding and we were so at ease the whole time she was there. Jonathan was so lovely and professional to deal with, I would highly recommend the canine country retreat to anyone. Our dog had a great time and we were so relaxed knowing she was in safe hands!

  • Robert Ellison

    Top classs boarding kennels. Poppy really enjoyed her stay. Spotless and spacious kennels and loads of outdoor space for exercise and play. Jonathan took great care of Poppy. Highly recommended!

  • Michelle Feeney

    Fantastic facility, loved that I could check in anything to see how Pippa was doing. Jonathan is very reassuring and knowledgeable with great tips. I will be recommending to all doggy owners friends. Thanks again Johnathan. See you again.

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